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Terry Fox Run Day

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Terry FoxOn Thursday, Sept. 26th , Leadership students will be hosting a school wide 4 km walk/run during the 3rd block of the 5-block day (right before lunch).  Students will run/walk with their A block class/teacher.  Arrangements will be made for any students or staff who are unable to participate (details to follow).  Checkpoints and markers will be set up along the run. Teachers will be provided with a map of the route (same route as last year..).  Students and staff who return with “evidence” from each checkpoint (have visited each checkpoint) get a free healthy snack from the cafeteria upon their return.

Fundraising part:
On Wednesday (Sept. 18th), Leadership students will be visiting ‘A’ BLOCK classes to briefly communicate the following:
– Quick story of Terry Fox and purpose of the run & fundraising
– We are setting up a collection envelope in each ‘A’ Block class for donations to the Terry Fox Foundation
– Some teachers have agreed to provide an incentive for students to bring $$$!!!  For example, Mr. Turner wears a chicken suit if $750 is raised, I dye my hair pink at $250, etc…. Last year, we raised over $1000!!

A poster with all promises will be placed in the cross halls today.  If you would like to add yourself to the poster by committing to a fun promise, feel free to do so, thank you!

More details to follow, including a map of the route….