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Reminder: The Use of E-Cigarettes is Not Allowed on SHSS Property

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As was discussed at our grade group meetings at the beginning of the school year, e-cigarettes are not allowed on the school property. Please make note that the decision to use, bring, or be in the vicinity of e-cigarettes, may result in suspension. Such strong response to this matter is due to the unknown health risks that may result from the use of e-cigarettes. Please note the letter below from the SD20 Superintendent of Schools:

Recently we are seeing usage of e-cigarettes on school district property or vehicles.  This memo is to make clear our expectations regarding e-cigarettes.  All School District grounds, buildings, buses and vehicles are to be e-cigarette usage free at all times.  As recently stated by Interior Health, e-cigarettes are not appropriate for school environment because:

  • They may contain toxic substances.
  • There are no product safety standards.
  • There is no established evidence base that they are an effective quit smoking aid.
  • Exposure to e-cigarette vapours may put the health of students and staff at risk.
  • Smoking behaviour may become renormalized at school.
  • Marketing that appeals to children and youth (such as chocolate, fruit and ice cream flavours) may encourage young people to try conventional tobacco products.
  • E-cigarette use may trigger cravings in youth who are trying to quit smoking.


Safety concerns have been raised, for users and those who are exposed to e-cigarette vapours. In fact, Health Canada, the World Health Organization and the US Federal Drug Administration have joined other health organizations in issuing warnings against the use of e-cigarettes. The health impact of repeatedly inhaling e-cigarette chemicals is unknown, and students or staff exposed to e- cigarette vapour may be at risk of asthma attacks or other lung irritations. Flavours such as chocolate, candy and fruit appeal to children and youth, making e-cigarettes a potential gateway to smoking. E-cigarettes also undermine the efforts of youth who are trying to quit, by renormalizing smoking in the school environment.


Students and staff who want to quit smoking should speak to their doctor or pharmacist, or visit


Greg Luterbach

Superintendent of Schools