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K-9 vs. Mankind

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Ready, Set, Eat!
At the SHSS assembly on Friday,December 18, Redford, a grade 11 student, Wren, from grade 12, and Charlie, a chocolate lab will be competing in an eating contest. Redford and Wren will be eating a foot long sub each and Charlie will be eating a bowl of dog food. Students of SHSS are encouraged to vote on who they think will win prior to the event. When the students vote, they will donate a sum of money that they believe is appropriate to one of the three contestants. They will then receive a sticker for the competitor that they voted for. If Redford wins, the money collected from the votes will be donated to the food bank, if Wren wins, the money will go to the Women’s Shelter, and if Charlie wins, the money will go to the SPCA.