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A word from our Superintendent: Curriculum Implementation Days

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In the fall the Minister of Education announced that two additional professional development days would be added into the 15/16 school year in support of teachers to learn about and collaborate with fellow teachers regarding the refreshed curriculum.  These two days were to be co-planned by the district and our teachers.  Once the framework was released, we formed a committee to start planning the days.  Based on the recommendation from the committee, the Board of Education just approved a revised calendar (see attached) which designates Friday April 15, 2016 and Thursday May 19, 2016 as our curriculum implementation days.  Our staff will be engaged in professional development for those 2 full days and students will not be in attendance for those two days.
Greg Luterbach, Superintendent of Schools
2015-16 School Calendar - revised with 2 additional NIDs-page-001