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Core Competency Assessment

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New for the June Report Card: Core Competency Self-Assessment
Students and teachers in BC have been working with a revised K-9 curriculum this year. A new component of the curriculum has been a focus on developing the following Core Competencies: Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Positive Personal and Cultural Identity, Personal Awareness and Responsibility, and Social Responsibility. Students are not formally assessed on these competencies, but are expected to reflect/self-assess on their learning in relation to them. According to the Ministry of Education Reporting Orders, students in BC will engage in a self-assessment of the Core Competencies that is to be included in the end of year report card. In School District No. 20, schools will be sending home a student self-assessment of one of the Core Competencies with the June report card.
 Stanley Humphries students and teachers will focus their assessment on competencies surrounding our focus areas of personal responsibility and self-regulation. You can expect these student self-reflection documents to come home at the end of the year.