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Go Myles Go!!!

SHSS is very proud to recognize Myles Peterson for his amazing work in Junior Dragon’s Den. Myles placed first in the West Kootenay Regional Competition and will now compete in the finals at the Charles Bailey Theater on May 5th.

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Grade 10 and 12 Students!!!

If you are in Grade 10 or 12, the Ministry wants to hear from you! The Student Learning Survey is a way for you to give feedback to the Ministry of Education and School District 20 about your learning this year.

To complete the survey, you will need your PEN number. We have these in the office and can help you get started if you missed the survey in class (April 18,19 for grade 10’s and April 24, 25 for grade 12’s).

Click here to take the survey using your unique 9 digit code.

Opening Night at the Kootenay Gallery

Please join us in celebrating the talent of our community at the Opening of the River Art show at the Kootenay Gallery.

The show featuring many amazing pieces by Stanley Humphries students runs from April 19th until May 28th.

Thank you to Ms. Barnes, Ms. Reddick and all of the artists who worked to create this beautiful showcase!


3 on 3 Hockey at Spring Fling!

3 on 3 hockey2018-page-001

Information on Head Lice

It has come to our attention that there has been a case of lice in our school.  Please remind your child of the following:

  • Do not share coats, hats, scarves or other apparel
  • Do not share combs, brushes or other hair accessories
  • Try to avoid any head-to-head contact

Head lice are catchy, almost like a cold. Because not everyone understands lice, the head louse brings many misconceptions with it. Here are a few items to note regarding head lice:

  • Contracting lice is not a sign of uncleanliness
  • Lice do not jump, hop, nor fly
  • You cannot contract lice from pets
  • Lice cannot live for more than a few days away from the scalp (but eggs can survive for up to fourteen days)

Head lice will make you itch. The wingless insects—about the size of sesame seeds—can be found on hair behind the ears, at the back of the neck, and at the top of the head.

Please have a look at the PDF linked below regarding head lice and let us know if you have any concerns.

Health File on Lice

Course Selection Process

Our SHSS Course Selection is underway!

Mr. Prong and Ms. Jackie have been visiting classes to give students information about next year’s offerings and requirements.  Students will be making their selections on April 18th and 19th.

If you have any question about your child’s course selection, please consult the course catalogues through the links below:

Course Catalogue for Grades 10,11,12

Course Catalogue for Grade 9

Do not hesitate to contact our counseling department if you have any questions.