Bell Schedule


Regular Schedule
PeriodStart TimeFinish
Welcome8:33 AM
18:38 AM9:57 AM
210:02 AM11:23 AM
Lunch11:23 AM12:02 PM
Welcome12:02 PM
312:07 PM1:28 PM
41:33 PM2:53 PM


Assembly Day
PeriodStart TimeFinish
Welcome8:33 AM
18:38 AM9:39 AM
29:44 AM10:46 AM
310:51 AM11:52 AM
Lunch11:52 AM12:41 PM
Welcome12:41 PM
412:46 PM1:47 PM
51:52 PM2:53 PM
Note: Placement of the assembly may vary


Professional Collaboration Alternate Mondays (PCM)
PeriodStart TimeFinish
Professional Collaboration Time
Welcome9:49 AM
19:54 AM10:56 AM
210:56 AM12:02 PM
Lunch12:02 PM12:41 PM
Welcome12:41 PM
312:46 PM1:47 PM
41:52 PM2:53 PM
Note: PCM begins September 19, 2018