Chromebook Purchase Project

Dear SHSS families,


Technology has become central to how we do business, how we communicate and how we find information. This became very obvious to all of us when our work as a school shifted to online platforms and virtual classes last year. This huge change in our usual way of doing business gave us the opportunity to learn lots about how to create rich learning environments and use some of the amazing tools that exist to enhance student learning.


While we are happy to be back to classroom instruction, we want to continue to access online resources and Google Classroom. The goal is to have all students gain access to a technological device. We have computer labs and some student laptops available for in class use; however, we hope to have more SHSS students with access to technology both at school and at home.

To help with this goal, we would like to offer access to our Chromebook purchase project.


Chromebook Purchase Project

  • What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are particularly lightweight, low-cost laptops that run the Chrome platform. They tend to be about the size of ultrabooks, with similar slim design features, but they are far more budget friendly than an ultrabook or even an average laptop. Chromebooks are used in the education world or as a first-time personal laptop. Have a look at the Chromebooks by clicking on this link: See Chromebooks

  • We believe that the Chromebook purchased for your child in high school will last them through to graduation and beyone
  • We have secured special pricing for the 100e model of Chromebook: $260
  • We would like to help support families in accessing this valuable tool: students can purchase a Chromebook outright through the district at the discounted price, opt for a payment plan, provide their own laptop, or arrange to use a classroom Chromebook for the school year

We recognize that this is a big ask of families and anticipate that there may be concerns about the cost. We do not want this to be a stressor to you or your child and we will support and accommodate families as best we can by providing several options to students.


Please have a look through the options below and access the form indicating your preference by CLICKING HERE :


Option 1


Families can purchase the Lenovo 100e Chromebook for the special price of $260 (shipping and taxes included) directly from the School District. Chromebooks will be made available as soon as possible – hopefully by the end of September. Purchasing can be done by:


  • Sending payment for the full amount on September 25th.
  • Purchasing through a payment plan (2 or 4 payments).
    • 2 payments each in the amount of $130, one dated Sept. 25th, 2020, one dated November 1st, 2020.
    • 4 payments, each in the amount of $65, one dated Sept. 25th, 2020, one dated November 1st, 2020, one due December 15th, 2020 and one due February 1st


  • Arranging for alternate payment by contacting the principal or vice-principal.

Option 2


  • Families can provide a Chromebook or other similar laptop from home.

Option 3


  • Families can also opt for not purchasing a Chromebook for their child. Chromebooks will be made available in classes where they are required but students will not be able to bring them home or work on them at non-instructional times.


Please note the following:

  • The School District is not liable or responsible for lost or damaged Chromebooks purchased through this opportunity.
  • The School District is not liable or responsible for inappropriate use of Chromebooks by students.
  • The School District is not liable or responsible for lost or damaged accessories purchased by families/students and used with Chromebooks.
  • Maintenance of the Chromebook purchased through this opportunity is the responsibility of the family, not the School District.
  • It is highly recommended that families consider how to best transport a laptop and ensure that the computer has an appropriate carrying case.

We believe that by helping families to make this purchase, we will be doing a better job of ensuring students have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to use such tools effectively in future employment and life.  We are excited to offer this program with your children!


Please fill in the Google Form linked here by Friday, September 25th and do not hesitate to contact the school administration with any concerns or questions.




Chantal St-Jacques and Terry Jones

SHSS Administration Team