Course Selection

Planning for 2019-2020

We will start working with students at the beginning of March to prepare for next year’s course selection. To help students make the best choices possible for their academic and elective courses, we will spend some time reviewing choices and processes with our students.

March 4th – 8th : Class visits to Grade 10’s and 11’s to explain courses connected to the redesigned curriculum

April 2nd – 5th : Class visits to all students to present process, information and choices and to answer any questions

April 4th: Parent Meeting – Any questions on Courses/Course Selection? Come join us for an informational session from 6:00 to 7:00.

April 8th – 12th: Course Selection (done at school with counselors and teachers)

Unfolding New Curriculum for 11’s and 12’s

To respond to student need, choice and voice, many new courses were created by the Ministry. We hope to be able to run as many of these options as possible so that students can make selections that are in line with their goals and interests. We encourage you to have a look through the Grade 10,11,12 Course Catalogue linked below so that you can start the conversation at home about your child’s choices.

ELECTIVES FOR 2019-2020:


Watch the videos below to find out more about your elective choices:

Electives for Grade 10

Electives for Grades 11 and 12