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SHSS Code of Conduct

School District 20 Code of Conduct

Anaphylaxis Plan

SHSS Staff will develop an Anaphylaxis Action Plan (AAP) for necessary students.  Specific details for this plan can be found on the SD#20 website – Anaphylaxis Action Form/Plan – Secondary Student.    In conjunction with your physician, parents MUST complete the Request for Administration of an Epi-Pen® Form.

Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy

Parents are reminded to return a completed“Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act” form to the office if your intention is to restrict the use of personal information on your child that may not be directly related to education. Examples include restricting photos during student activities that may be shown on the school’s monitors, in newsletters or in the year book.

The school will assume that parents’ consent is given unless a form is returned to the office.  The forms can be obtained by clicking on the pdf below.


Parent/Student Appeals

When disputes occur between parents or students and the school, the best way to resolve those disputes is through an informal resolution at the school level.

In some cases, a dispute cannot be resolved at the school level.  If a decision of an employee of the Board of Education affects the health, safety or education of the student, the student or parent has the right to appeal the decision to the Board of Education.

To appeal a Board of Education decision, a Notice of Appeal Form must be submitted, with a copy of the Board of Education decision to the Office of the Registrar Student Appeals Branch.  The Notice of Appeal Form is available at