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Lunchtime yoga in activity room

Looking for a way to unwind during lunch time? Do you need some time to focus? Are you looking to fit an extra workout in?



If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then lunchtime yoga may be perfect for you! Come out to the activity room every WEDNESDAY during lunch to take part in a yoga practice. Students & staff welcome!


Volleyball Lunchtime Tournament

Sign up for the volleyball lunchtime tournament!

Teams of 6 players, can be any grade and mixed gender teams.

All games will be played on Thursdays at lunchtime during the month of November.

See Ms.Mervyn to sign up!

We Scare Hunger


It takes a real hero to stand up to hunger.

Millions around the world go hungry every day, even in our own backyard. This Halloween, we are holding a food drive at SHSS.

Collections for non-perishable food items start on October 20th through to November 3rd. We encourage students to ask for non-perishable food items while trick or treating.

Lunch time Intramurals/Tournaments @ SH

Have you checked out the intramurals/tourney schedule? Located outside the gym, it is your source for all lunch time intramurals/tournaments! Have an idea for a tournament? See Ms.Mervyn to make it happen!
Currently we have a 4 on 4 floor hockey tournament running every Tuesday at lunch in the gym for the month of October. Look for the hashtag #ShinnyTourneyTuesdays for more information.
Keep your eyes peeled for a November Volleyball tournament!

Also, check out the intramural page on this website for the schedule!

#ShinnyTourneyTuesdays at SHSS

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#ShinnyTourneyTuesdays with the Selkirk Saints at


Interested in playing in a shinny tournament?

Sign up your team for 4 on 4 shinny with the Selkirk Saints. Each team must have a goalie + 4 players. Goalie equipment is provided. Games will be during lunch time, in the gym, every Tuesday for the month of October. There are prizes to be won for the top teams, most sportsmanlike and best team jerseys! To sign up your team, please see Ms.Mervyn before October 4th. Students (of all grades) and staff are welcome to join! Spectators are more than welcome.

*The schedule will be posted outside the gym & on the website once all teams have signed up


Playtime @ SHSS



SHSS is Sports Central! 

All sorts of sports starting now! Come on out and get PLAYING!

  • Boys Soccer … See Mr. Liszt 
  • Girls Soccer … See Mr. Mason
  • Girls Field Hockey … See Mdm. Martin
  • Hockey Academy … See Mr. Apostoliuk
  • Basketball Academy … See Mr. Ritchie
  • Boys and Girls Volleyball … See Mr. Mason
  • Senior Boys and Girls Rugby … See Mr. Coombs or Mr. Kinghorn
  • Have an idea for a sport or an activity? Let’s get started! See Mr. Kinghorn
  • Open gym every lunch hour!

Trouble connecting with one of our teams?  Drop by Mr. Kinghorn’s office and he’ll point you in the right direction!

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Awesome Eats at Stan's

  • Pasta with Chiorizo and Peppers October 22, 2014 – October 24, 2014

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