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Grads! Scholarship and Bursary Information

appliccationScholarship and Bursary Information

Click forScholarship Booklet section A 2014

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Click Below for Scholarship Forms:

Arrow Lakes Preschool Bursary

Castlegar Minor Soccer Association Application Form

Castlegar Minor Soccer Association Application Form-1

CUPE Local 2087 Bursary 2014

CUPE Local 1285 Bursary

Castlegar & District Wildlife Association Conservation Award 2014

Clinton Jollimore Scholarship Form

Castlegar Rotary Sunrise 2014

Castlegar RCMP Full Potential Award

Columbia Basin Trust Youth Community Service Award 2014

Dogwood District Authority Award Application Form 2014

Erin Hartson Memorial 2014

EMCON bursary

Genelle Recreation Society Bursary

Harry Bate Memorial Bursary 2014

Herb Pitts Memorial Bursary 2014

Kootenay District Council of CUPE Bursary

Kootenay District Council – Women’s Committee Bursary

Kootenay Columbia Principal’s & Vice Principal’s Association 2014

Knights of Columbus 2014

Kinnaird Middle School Memorial Award 2014

KCTU scholarship application form 2014

Laureate Beta Upsilon Bursary

Ladies Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion Branch #170 Bursary

Maximum Ice Hockey Bursary 2014

Pacific Insight Electronics 2014 Maximum Ice Hockey Bursary 2014

Royal Canadian Legion Bursary 2014

RHC Insurance Brokers Scholarship 2014

St. Rita’s Catholic Women’s League Bursary 2014


USW 480 Scholarship & Bursary

USW 9705 Bursary

West Kootenay Toy Run Bursary

Zellstoff Women’s Trade & Engineering Scholarship 2014

Zellstoff Celgar Bursary 2014




teachers are to start phase 1 strike action on Wednesday April 23

sd20Teachers Start Phase 1 Strike Action on Wednesday April 23

For More Information Click Here: Letter to Parents re Strike Action April 19 2014

The Latest From SH News!

SHSS & WINS Transition House presents: A workshop for teachers and parents by Daniel Vecchio

SHSS & WINS Transition House  presents:  

Saving our Boys:  Our Duty of Care   

A Workshop for Parents and Teachers by Daniel Vecchio

 How nurturing boys’ emotional health, especially in the classroom, must be foundational for all teachers and parents.

 Wednesday April 30 @ 6:00pm in the Stanley Humphries Secondary Activity Room

In this workshop/lecture, teachers and parents will learn how fundamentally important it is to engage and nurture the boys in our schools to find their emotional voice (emotional literacy.)

The research is abundant about what happens to far too many boys who are emotionally illiterate (just look at the stats around violent crime, sexual crime and harassment, incarcerations, boy suicide, substance abuse, drop-out rates, and achievement in school)- the data is very disturbing; clearly we need to re-think how we “behave with and react to” boys during their school experiences.

Far too many boys believe that the only acceptable emotions for them in our society are anger and aggression; far too often these boys grow up to be men who are angry and aggressive.  Our boys carry with them the invisible code of “manhood” and it is an impossible for any of them to live up to this cultural creation of a masculinity that still values and encourages boys to use power, strength, domination and control over others; a culture that does not nurture boys to express a broad array of healthy emotions so that they can live full and happy lives.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn how and why boys are getting a “raw deal” in schools and what they can do in their school communities and with the partnership of parents, to raise emotionally healthy boys who grow into healthy men.


About Daniel Vecchio:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 4.51.48 AM

Daniel Vecchio

Daniel Vecchio holds a Master of Education degree in School Leadership and has been an educator (teacher and administrator) for 31 years in a variety of schools in School District # 60.  He has also worked as a Faculty Associate for the department of education, Simon Fraser University.  In 2004, his younger sister, Rebecca, was murdered by her husband in Abbotsford, BC; this tragic event led him to “an awakening” of the violence committed against women by men that continues to flourish in our country. In 2005 he began talking to groups of students in both elementary and secondary schools about healthy relationships, recognizing unhealthy relationships and how boys and men need to shed those aspects of masculinity that promote the use of violence, power and control over others.  His website is www.standbyyourwomen.ca 



For more information, please contact VP Patrick Kinghorn at 250-365-7735 (301) or pkinghorn@sd20.bc.ca

SHSS Art Students … Amazing!!!!


Course Selection April 2nd & 4th

Grades 8-11′s will be choosing their courses for the 2014-15 school year today and Friday. Course selection will commence by grade in our computer labs under the guidance of our SHSS counselling team.

Click on the icon to begin selecting your courses: Select



Awesome Eats at Stan's

  • Jambalaya April 24, 2014

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